Monday, April 3, 2017

Life update | April 3rd, 2017

Well... Hello everyone, it's been a while.
If you're a new reader I will write a small recap. 8 months ago I got my first job at theater production company and one thing you need to know is that your personal life is simply gone because there's just a lot of work to do.
For past 1.5 months I was extremely busy because we were working on a new play and I was a directors assistant. We made a play called Rashomon and it turned out amazing, I will post couple of photos down below.

The premiere was incredible, I think all seats were sold out and the second show went perfect.
As I said, I literally don't have private life anymore and that's kind of fine because I don't have regular job like everyone else, I hang out with actors and all people that are working on a current project.
To be honest my life has never been better because it became extremely fun and interesting.
When it comes to other stuff beside my job everything is still the same lol.
Well, I traveled a lot. We visited a lot of cities in my country and being on a tour is really fun.
Thanks to this job I changed a lot, I kind of feel more mature and that feels weird. I'm not a little kid anymore. I'm the youngest person in our company and everyone likes me. Meanwhile in highschool I was bullied and no one liked me just because I love art,different kind of music, etc.
At the beginning of this year I decided to make my instagram more professional, I love photography and instagram is just perfect for me. At the moment I have 15.900+ followers and I worked with couple of brands. I love working with brands because... well, I get payed and I get my account promoted.
I will try to publish new content more but I'm not sure because we're going on a tour again with other plays.
Oh, it will be amazing if I post some kind of road trip diary with a lot of photos or maybe I could make Youtube video.

Okay guys, until next time... goodbye :)

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